Let's talk socks

Tbh, we made some really good recyclable socks. Let us explain.

They put your best feet forward

We make our socks in a bunch of bright colors and different lengths to add an extra oomph to your favorite sneaks, slip-ons, and sandals (because that’s a thing again).

They're recycled and recyclable

Yes, because it’s us, our socks are made from recycled materials, are ethically manufactured, and are recyclable when you’re done with them. Make room in that top drawer.

The more you buy, the more you save

Not unlike potato chips — you’ll find you can’t stop at just one pair of our socks. The good news is that the more you buy, the more you save.

Buy 2, save $2
Buy 3, save $4
Buy 4, save $8

Buy 5, save $12
Buy 6, save $20
Buy 7, save $30

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Reviewed by you

“BEST. SOCKS. EVER. These are my favorite socks of all time. Supportive enough for hiking, running, training, and also soft and comfy enough for day-to-day use!”

–Molly K.

“I literally never want to take them off.”

–Alyssa P.

“It’s crazy how much I love these socks! Perfect amount of breathability while still feeling durable. I love the height, the color, the snug fit that doesn’t move when I bike.”

–Violet N.