Recycle. Reuse. ReGirlfriend.

Good things come to those who don't waste


Is the entire legging recyclable?
Everything that is polyester is fully recycled, from the zipper to the thread. Once your item arrives at the recycling facility, they’re shredded, the polyester is separated from the spandex, and the polyester is recycled into new Girlfriend clothing. There is no way to recycle spandex at this time, but we are always looking for new ways to improve our processes.
What can I send in?
Any Girlfriend Collective Compressive piece (Compressive High-Rise and Classic-Rise Leggings, Bike Shorts, Run Shorts, Topanga Bras, Paloma Bras, or Monroe Bras). We are currently working to create a similar system for our LITE fabric, but are unable to accept them at this time.
How many can I send?
Due to bandwidth (we’re still a small but mighty company of 9!), we are only able to process one item at a time per shipping label. If you’d like to send back more than one item, you’ll need to purchase additional shipping labels for each one.
What condition do my items need to be in?
Old, new, stained, ripped — we’ll take ‘em all. All fibers will be completely regenerated during the process, so we’re able (and happy!) to take clothes in any condition.
How long does it take for my gift card to arrive?
After you start the recycling process, you’ll receive a shipping label via email within 24-48 hours. Your gift card will arrive to the same email address 5-7 days after that and can be spent immediately. (Nice.)
Does my gift card expire?
Never — that’s the best part.
Who can participate?
Sorry, international friends — this program is only available in the US for now. We hope to expand in the future, stay tuned!
Why do I have to buy a shipping label?
As a small 3-year-old company, we aren’t able to cover shipping at this time. We hope as we grow the program and company that one day we’ll be able to absorb this cost for you.
Can I just bring them to your office?
We are unable to accept drop offs at this time. :(
What will my old items be recycled into?
A lot of textile recycling programs “downcycle” old clothes into things like rags or housing insulation. We designed our fabric to be recycled from the beginning, so we’re excited to be recycling your old Girlfriend items into new Girlfriend items with the same quality and buttery soft feel you know and love. Ooh.
How long will you be running this program?
5ever. (That’s forever, but, like, longer.)
Is it safe to wear recycled plastic?
The type of plastic we used is called recycled polyethylene terephthalate (or RPET for short). It’s used in single-use water bottles and food containers and has been repeatedly tested for over 30 years for its safety. We say, if it’s safe for your sandwich, it’s safe for your legs.
Don’t recycled fabrics shed microplastics when washed?
Actually all synthetic materials do this. (Did you know almost all synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are made from plastic? It’s true.) We recently launched a filter you can attach to your washing machine to capture these fibers and keep them from entering the water stream. You can read more about that on our Microfiber Filter page.