Wash Responsibly

Introducing the Girlfriend Microfiber Filter, our new washing machine add-on that captures microfibers and keeps them out of water streams.

What are microfibers?

Every time you wash a synthetic garment (like your favorite swimsuit, cozy fleece, or activewear — basically anything made from polyester, spandex, or nylon), it releases non-biodegradable microfibers into the water stream. (Gross.) Since synthetic materials make up 60% of all clothing worldwide, those microfibers add up.

Better together

Filters exist — but they’re expensive. We wanted ours to be affordable and accessible, something everyone could use with their home machines and install on their own. The way we see it: the more people who use washing machine filters, the more we can work together to keep water pollution at bay.

How it works

Our filter attaches to your machine’s discharge hose to capture microfibers and keep them out of the oceans (and away from the creatures that inhabit them). Click here to download everything you’ll need to set it up, including additional parts and cute illustrations.